We build swimming pools that are unique to your home and that will complement your lifestyle. The team at Swim and Sauna has the expertise to deliver an outstanding product from the initial design to completion.  After seeing your home and meeting with you, will create a custom design for your pool and backyard. You are now one step closer to the backyard oasis you've always imagined! 

Having your pool professionally maintained by Swim and Sauna will keep it sparkling , so that you can take the time to relax and enjoy your pool. Proper care can prevent unexpected repairs to ensure your pool is always operational.  All pools are different, and so are their maintenance needs.  The key to a healthy pool is regular, routine care.

Our experience, reliabilty and attention to detail sets us apart from other pool service companies. We service all types of pools, from regular liquid chlorine to salt water pools to copper ionization systems to complete oxygen/copper ionization/UV light/break down chamber systems. We can perform the correct sanitation for a healthy pool even for the most complex systems. Consider Swim and Sauna to help maintain your pool.