Good swimming pool design and construction is about creating a balance between aesthetics and function. It is essential that the pool look fantastic so that even when it isn’t being used for swimming it is still an asset to the property. Lifestyle requirements, space limitations and intended use are all considered. Each pool design is tailored specifically to the individual so that the completed swimming pool will reflect the personality of the owner.

Swimming Pools

You are only limited by your imagination with a free form natural pool. The bigger they are the better they look! Pool surrounds play a very big part in the finished product and a free form pool is no different. Rockeries, waterfalls, stone walls, overhanging decks, overhanging sleepers and lush plants are all popular features of a free form pool design. Recreating a natural lagoon look with rockeries, waterfalls and overhanging plants is possible. done right, they can look amazing - think resort in the tropics - are fun to swim in and quite relaxing just to look at.
Elevated blocks with views, across waterways or valleys, provide the most impressive canvas for a negative edge pool (a.k.a Infinity Pools). Negative edge pools give the impression that they merge into the surrounding landscape. Water runs over the side of the pool spilling into a lower trough. The water is then recirculated out of the trough and back into the main body of the pool.
Would you like to swim laps in the convenience of your own, temperature controlled, pool? Say goodbye to freezing ocean waters or packed gym pools with your very own lap pool. They are also an excellent choice for injury rehabilitation. Lap pools are generally quite shallow, allowing enough depth to successfully tumble turn at the ends and be able to stand and rest in between laps. They can fit nicely into narrow spaces and quite often run along side the house. In many cases the house may even sit on top of the pool wall.

Indoor Pools

If you’d like a pool that can be used year round with very minimal maintenance then an indoor pool could be your splash made in heaven! As indoor pools are not exposed to the elements, in particular UV rays, the use of chemicals is very minimal. Running costs are low as the debris associated with an outdoor pool doesn’t enter the picture. Most owners tend to heat their indoor pool for all year round use so a cover is highly advisable to retain heat and reduce evaporation and condensation.
The majority of spas we have built have been part of a pool and spa combination however we can build freestanding concrete spas and have constructed quite a few over the years. A good size spa will comfortably seat 6 – 8 adults and will be either 2 x 2m or 2.5 x 1.5 or 3 x 1.5m. They are usually 1m deep approx with a 500mm wide seat on at least three sides, if not all. Plumbing usually consists of 6 – 8 wall jets and a floor grid for bubbles. We always fully tile our spas for optimal comfort.
Over the past 10 years glass edge pools have become a popular alternative to negative edge pools. They are usually less expensive to build, than a negative edge pool, but this really depends on the size, thickness and amount of glass required. The idea of a glass edge pool is to achieve a negative edge look without the need for a trough nor the associated water evaporation challenges. Glass top pools also offer a nice feature when looking from the other side, back towards the pool, through the glass into the water. They also look very impressive at night when the lights are on.

Other Pools

Do you want to build a swimming pool in your backyard but don't know how to negotiate your sloping block? Having built pools for years we are experienced in the challenges presented by sloping terrain. We can design and construct a concrete pool in virtually any landscape, sloping blocks included.
Don’t think you have room for a pool? You’d be surprised at what we can achieve in the smallest of spaces. Courtyard pools (a.k.a plunge pools) are the perfect choice for confined spaces. Courtyard pools provide the centrepiece for a small garden and as such are positioned in close proximity to the home. They are such versatile pools - acting like a spa with heat & jets or for exercise with swim jets for resistance. You can create your own oasis by adding water walls, spillways, feature tiling and lighting.